4.7.18 7

My Top 3 Mommy Habits

  At some point after you have children you sit down one day – or maybe you are running like crazy after your little one – and you realize, hm, there is something different about me. It might not be…

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3.18.18 8

The GO-TO Healthy Snack List for Toddlers

  Vera’s second birthday is just around the corner (April 3rd if you’re wondering what day!) and I wanted to share how to incorporate delicious and healthy snacks for toddlers and mommas always on-the-go. It turns out that toddlers get…

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2.27.18 12

30 Things I Learned in my 20’s

I’ve always celebrated my birthdays in one way or another – I love to sit and look back at the previous year, and I feel like every year it marks the beginning of a new vision and opportunity to evolve.…

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