My New (and Favorite) Go-To Teeth Whitening Routine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ARC. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m back today with a fantastic, brand new whitening product from Arc Smile, whose whitening kit I started using a couple of months ago and the results have been amazing. What I’ve learned over the years, though, is that the best brands and products always find ways to innovate and give you the latest and greatest in quality. Arc is now launching the Arc Pen – the easiest way to whiten your smile literally anywhere you are and anywhere you go.

My smile has been through a lot and I’ve tried nearly all the products out there – and I really didn’t see lasting whitening effects until I used the Arc whitening strips. I’ve always thought my smile is truly my introduction to the world – a bright smile can help you in the most mundane or unexpected situations (at work, with neighbors, with any customer service, etc.). A smile to me can be a kind hello to a stranger, it can endear you to the outside and unknown world, and it’s also, in my case, sometimes the first thing I share that people see every day for my job. In short, a bright smile is utterly important and meaningful.

That’s why I love the Arc pen and what it offers – to be able to whiten your teeth in any tight spot, on-the-go, giving you that extra shine exactly when you need it. Because it’s literally shaped and designed like a pen, it fits anywhere you need: your pocket, your purse, etc. It comes with soft bristles on the end, which allow you to easily apply the whitening product to the exact spots you want or need – so you can be as meticulous as you want during application. That’s why I take mine with me wherever I am – even during the last couple of weeks while I was out of the country I just tossed it in my purse and had it on-hand before events and appointments. It’s meant to be applied twice a day, which helps maintain pearly bright white teeth – and is so easy to apply even in my car.

Applying the product is as simple as this: 1) remove the cap; 2) spin the bottom; and 3) paint the product on your teeth. This simple process + convenient size is super exciting because it lets you keep up with your smile whenever and wherever you want. I promise the moment you use it you’ll realize why it’s SO crucial to maintain a bright and beautiful smile. It’s also VERY easy to find / order – you can get it at your local Target or buy directly `from

Why is your smile important to you? I’d love to read in the comments!

Stay Fabulous and Kind
Love, Lola

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